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Amazon is that the fastest and most reliable delivery service. it's a trusty complete among its users. Amazon has millions of happy and satisfied customers across the planet. to protect privacy and pay attention to the safety of the users, users need to produce AN account with Amazon using their email id and mobile number. both of those are verified by Amazon via AN OTP code. just in case any user forgets their user id or password, the registered email and telephone number area unit used to recover the account. Forgot Amazon password and email In case you have got forgotten your Amazon account’s password or to recover your Amazon account, you need to 1st reset your Amazon password. Resetting the forgotten Amazon password is an easy method. to complete the recovery process, the Amazon users got to have access to their email id and mobile number that is registered with their Amazon account. Users will simply recover their passwords and usernames themselves. Follow the steps and directions below to recover your Amazon account’s password. 1. Open your web browser so the official Amazon home page. 2. you will see the choice to register to AN existing account. Click on it and use your registered email or telephone number there. 3. Click on forgot the password. 4. you'll be redirected to password recovery page of Amazon. 5. you will need to fill in your mobile number or email address connected to Amazon for the recovery process. Click on continue. 6. you may then receive the verification code on your mobile number or email address. 7. Fill within the verification code to verify the account belongs to you 8. Then, write your full name within the box provided below. 9. Fill in a new password for your Amazon account. 10. Fill the new password once more to verify and verify. Click on done, and your password would be changed.


Amazon Forgot Amazon password and email


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